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Name: With Michael Collins

Subtitle: In The Fight For Irish Independence

Author: O'Connor, Batt


Category: Irish Collection

Publisher: Aubane Historical Society

Published: 2004

ISBN: 1 903497 17 5

Contents: Batt O'Connor of Brosna, Co. Kerry was one of Michael Collins' inner circle in the War of Independence. His recollections of that War read more like an adventure story than history. All the more surprising, therefore, that his memoir has been out of print since 1929. Following lively public interest in Sean Moylan's Memoirs, launched by Éamon Ó Cuív, the Aubane Historical Society is making a further account of the War of Independence available—this time from a participant who felt pressed to take the pro-Treaty side in 1922. However, while Moylan's story is firmly centred in North Cork, Batt's features Dublin. Mrs. O'Connor's recollections, which she lodged in the Bureau of Military History appear here for the first time. An Introduction by Brendan Clifford takes issue with the view that the divisions among the Volunteers over whether to accept Lloyd George's Treaty ultimatum really constituted a 'civil war' in the true sense of the term. Both sides were pledged to the Republic—the division was merely over whether to make a partial submission to the Crown under the British Prime Minister's threat of 'terrible and immediate war'.

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